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Something about us

Yodigito is a startup founded in 2021 in Pisa, a city long recognized for its prominence in the field of computer science and scientific research overall.

In this stimulating environment, rich with examples of the highest caliber, we have come together as a team comprised of highly specialized professionals with several years of experience under our belts. We have been working together for some time, sharing the same passion for technology and innovation, and pursuing the common goal of excellence, thanks to our high expertise in software solutions development.


Nicola Rafanelli and Massimo Signorini are the central figures who brought the company to life.

These two professionals joined forces in 2021 to found the company, leveraging their expertise in business management and technology. This dynamic duo is the beating heart of the company, guiding the strategic direction and ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the technological landscape.

Their individual expertise, combined with their ability to work as a team, creates a dynamic and efficient organization.

Yodigito’s staff places a strong emphasis

on flexibility and


The Yodigito team stands out for a wide range of skills, encompassing specializations both in backend, the “behind-the-scenes” of computer systems, and in frontend, the user-visible interface. This combination ensures a holistic approach to developing computer solutions, making Yodigito’s products efficient, attractive, and intuitive for all.

Yodigito’s staff places a strong emphasis on flexibility and versatility, thanks to professionals who are capable of handling various areas of the software development process, ensuring coherence and integration among different parts of the computer systems.

The technologies we use


We aim to ensure the highest level of excellence in software development.

We identify ourselves with our brand, which has been carefully crafted because we aim to ensure the highest level of excellence in software development. The symbol represents a stylized ‘Y,’ evoking the branching structure of software development, symbolizing our commitment to creating technological solutions.

We aim to bring naturalness to the digital world through digital solutions that are fluid, dynamic, and integrated, while striving to dismantle outdated processes supported by obsolete software solutions.


Continuous pursuit of knowledge and daily improvement

Our focus is always on continuous improvement and ongoing growth in the technological realm, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
Our vision places us alongside not only Italian but also international clients, thanks to our continuous and constant commitment, and above all, thanks to our teamwork which makes us strong and ready to face any challenge.

Within our brand, the core values we pursue include respect and care for our collaborators, the continuous pursuit of knowledge, and daily improvement. Furthermore, we work to promote diversity and base our decisions on the scientific method, rejecting all forms of fake news. We believe in teamwork and in the creation of a community of professionals.

We are oriented towards innovation, we believe in simplicity rather than complexity.

Each one of us contributes to achieving these values by working with passion and leveraging the principles that unite us.
We are oriented towards innovation, we believe in simplicity rather than complexity. We own and control the core technologies underlying our products, and we only participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
Our sense of responsibility leads us to have the courage to admit when we make mistakes.


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