Custom software solutions

and finished products

The sectors in which we operate
and specialize in

We offer custom software solutions and finished products, aimed at helping our clients digitize their business processes.

We have developed significant expertise in managing material related to corporate communication, marketing, and sales, providing infrastructures capable of handling multimedia assets through a customized CMS, intended for various distribution channels, such as Android or iOS apps.


Our integrated offerings facilitate orderly exchange between engineering, marketing, and communication teams.

For over a decade, we have established a fruitful collaboration with Ferretti Group, a prominent player on the global stage of luxury yacht construction. Thanks to our advanced software and design implementations, we enable communication professionals to quickly and seamlessly refresh digital content across various platforms (websites, intranets) and on various devices (Android/iOS apps), through the adoption of centralized resources.

Our integrated offerings facilitate the orderly exchange of technical product details among engineering, marketing, and communication teams, promoting greater coherence in the information disseminated.
To meet documentation needs, we provide services for creating technical-commercial materials organized in PDF format.

We also offer mobile apps that allow easy access to well-organized technical and maintenance manuals in digital format, contributing to the simplicity and efficiency of workflow.


Deep expertise in embedded systems, sensor technology and
control field

Our deep expertise in embedded systems, sensor technology, and control field, combined with a thorough knowledge of IoT systems, has enabled our collaboration with international partners in developing highly customized automation applications.

We have developed sophisticated algorithms for the control and communication of autonomous robots, executed both on microcontrollers with bare-metal software and in embedded Linux environments. Our distinctive expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge microcontroller-based systems, designed to seamlessly integrate with high-level management systems and capable of collecting precise data on operational conditions.

This vertical approach to IoT solutions allows for monitoring the health status of automation systems, implementing predictive methods for fault prevention, thereby reducing machine downtime.


Development of software tailored for the sector

Our fruitful collaboration with renowned aesthetic medicine practices has enabled the development of industry-specific software, which has been successfully integrated into our dedicated management system.
Considering the sensitive nature of the managed information, we have dedicated special attention to data security.
However, this has not compromised ease of access for medical professionals, ensuring an optimal balance between data security and usability.


Document management systems.

The synergy established between our developers and railway industry companies has facilitated the implementation and delivery of complex solutions for organizing and distributing technical documentation, project documentation, and maintenance documentation for entire railway vehicles and signaling systems.
Our document management systems, constantly evolving, keep pace with technological advancements, ensuring our clients infrastructures compliant with ISO9001:2015 standards, based on reliable cloud technology.


We have developed a web system for natural gas distribution companies.

Process refinement and system harmonization have always been our main strengths. In the multi-utility sector, natural gas distribution companies interact with sales companies: in this context, we have developed a web system for natural gas distribution companies.

This system, in compliance with the communication standard established by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, automates the exchange of information and facilitates the fulfillment of regulatory processes for various types of interventions, such as the creation of new connections, switching to another supplier, or service deactivation.


We have developed sophisticated software based on a CMS

For a major player in the paper industry sector, we have developed sophisticated software based on a CMS. This has allowed managing and maintaining, through a single back-office platform, the corporate website, branch websites (one in the United States and one in China), and internal communications within the Italian plants.

This was achieved through the dissemination of multimedia content displayed on visually impactful electronic billboards. For the distribution of the company magazine in digital format, we have also created a dedicated app, which automatically updates the content with each new edition of the magazine.