What is a web platform?

When we meet with potential customers the first (and probably the only) thing they want to know is whether you are going to solve any real problem.

At Yodigito we develop lots of different solutions but in this article, we focus on our Content delivery platform or CoDeS (Content Delivery Suite). But what is it?

Imagine you are a big company, producing and commercializing different lines of products, possibly with different brands.

How can you keep under control all data related to your product, its distribution to multiple internal and external websites, web portals, your sales network, and your different production sites?

The short answer is: CoDeS Let’s elaborate a bit.

Yodigito’s ecosystem of tools, called CoDeS, connects your departments, from engineering to production, marketing, sales, and after-sale.

When systems become connected, contents can be acquired from different departments, managed centrally, and distributed to all target systems. No system is working in isolation and there is no need to replicate the content from one system to another, they all fetch the same data.

A real world example

Say you want to launch a new product. The engineering department holds the technical information about the product, Marketing creates the marketing campaign material based on this data, and then this information has to be shared with the sales network, potential customers, and the press. With CoDeS, the marketing team can extract technical information directly from the source in the engineering team, create the product material and store it centrally with the platform’s back-office web interface. The marketing manager can then decide which material to make available to:

  • the press, through a dedicated press center
  • the sales network, through B2B web portals and sales apps
  • possible customer, through multiple B2C websites

independently. From engineering through marketing CoDeS supports the company by managing a successful product launch.

What’s more

What we have just described is just an example and there are much more capabilities that can be implemented with Yodigito’s platform.

Connection to ERP, CRM, eCommerce solutions? Automatic distribution of digital technical documentation? We have you covered!

Follow our blog to know more and contact us to understand what we can do for the success of your company.